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Tommy started learning music when he was 5 years old.

He wanted to learn to play the banjo but his mother, a

pianist, and father didn’t think he would have much

interest. His parents insisted he learn piano first and

after a year of piano lessons he, again, asked for a banjo.

His father being the jokester he is, made his 6-year-old

son a deal. “If you earn the money and buy a banjo I will

get you lessons,” he promised. Thinking that would be

the end of it, he soon found out Tommy was quite the

entrepreneur. Through odd jobs, Tommy earned the

money and went to Sears and bought his first banjo for

$85. His father, living up to his end of the bargain,

arranged for Tommy to get lessons.


Tommy loved listening to and playing Bluegrass music.

His father would take him to listen to George Winn and

the Bluegrass Partners and took him to different

festivals and jam sessions. After two weeks of lessons at

the age of 7, Tommy hit the stage with George Winn

and played Cripple Creek. That was the beginning of

his love for performing. It would be only 8 years later

Tommy would become the standup bassist for George

Winn and the Bluegrass Partners and get a taste of

playing professionally.


Over the past 20 plus years, Tommy has had the opportunity to perform with some wonderful friends,

musicians, and performers. After having the opportunity of playing with George Winn and performing at

such venues such as The Grand Ole Opry, the now CMT Music Festival, Bean Blossom Festival and many

others, it was time for Tommy to branch out on his musical endeavors. Longtime friends Chris Stanley and

John McNiel joined in with him when he was 16, and they started performing around town in different clubs

under the name, Medley. Later, Tommy performed for a number of years with friends Harvey and Diane

Reams at the Tides Lodge, and The Chris Stanley Band, which included Stanley and McNeil, joined forces

with Lee Covington and Stu Grimes. In 2002, Tommy joined Pat, Jim, Jane, and Bob and became a member of

The Wrest.


Tommy says, "Since joining The Wrest, I have had an opportunity to play with many great musicians and

friends. Many thanks to Sky Run (former Marna and Macy), River City Gang, Hoosier Daddy, The Jangling

Reinharts, for letting me play a part in their groups. I have also started another musical project joining forces

again with Chris Stanley and Jane Cooper, Out on A Limb. The Wrest allows for me to perform for many

great people, but I also have the opportunity to be with my best friends and great talent."





















Birth Date: September 1, 1971

Stage Duties: Mandolin, Banjo, Bass, Guitar, Vocals

Status: Married

Real Job:  IT

History:  Have been playing music since I was five. 

Musical Influences: Bela Fleck, James Taylor, Tony Rice, Victor Wooten, John McNiel, Ricky Skaggs,

Mark O'Connor, Brent Mason, Chet Atkins

Favorite Author(s): James Patterson and Michael Crichton

Favorite Movie(s): Too Many to list

Favorite TV show(s): Modern Family

The Good: My home with Patti, Maddison, and Mason

The Bad: Mean People

The Ugly: Inconsiderate people

Special Thanks: to Pat, Jim, Jane, and Bob for having me become a part of The Wrest; to my parents for

helping me and supporting my musical career; and to Patti for continuing to push me forward in every aspect

of my life.


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