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Krista knew from a very young age that performing was

something that she was very passionate about.  Never a shy child,

she was often putting on “shows” for her mom at the age of 3.  For

the years that followed, Krista became very active in the musical

theatre community, performing in numerous shows.  She

performed in such shows as Company (in which she played Marta),

Guys and Dolls, Jekyll and Hyde, Ragtime, Singing In The Rain,

Fiddler on the Roof, Once Upon a Mattress, Baby, and many others.


In 2004, she received a phone call from her good friend Patrick

O’Brien asking if she was still singing and if she would be

interested in auditioning for The Wrest.  Being such a fan of Pat

and his talent, Krista was truly ecstatic that she was offered this

opportunity.  Well, the rest is history…and Krista still feels so

honored to be a part of this band and family known as The Wrest.

























Birth Date: January 2, 1978

Stage Duties: Vocals, percussion, and keyboard

Status: Married

Education: 1996 - 1998 Virginia Commonwealth University; 1996 graduate of Douglas Freeman High School

Real Job:  Rock star!  What?  That's not a "real" job?

History:  Born in Richmond, Virginia - yep, I'm a local girl

Hobbies: I love hanging with my friends and family, Watching football eating wings and drinking a cold beer.

Musical Influences: All female vocalists

Favorite Movie(s): Anything that makes me laugh

Favorite Magazine(s): I'm a celebraholic, I love them all!

Favorite TV show(s): I am a mother of a toddler… I watch Dora and Dragontales!!

My Favorite Site(s):FACEBOOK!!!

The Good: My amazing Little girl Henley Chaddock Crandall; the fall; the beach; my friends and family

The Bad: My driving

The Ugly: Smoking

Special Thanks: My family and friends for supporting me; You are all my rock. The Wrest fans…
without you we wouldn’t be here.  We are so blessed to get to do what we love to do, and having your
enthusiasm and passion to come see us truly means a lot.


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