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With musical parents, grandparents and friends, Jane’s love for

music was a natural progression.  As a child Jane clearly

remembered listening to the captivating voice of Karen Carpenter

while at her grandparents and sitting in their cellar singing her

songs with her sister, Suzanne.  Growing up, Jane took piano

lessons, performed with county and regional choirs and later joined

a number of bands who performed in public only a handful of

times.  She never took her musical talents very seriously until she

met Pat O’Brien who coaxed her onto the stage for back-up vocals

on a CSN tune.


Jane was never (and still isn’t) a “spotlight” kind of person who

wanted all the attention, so she was definitely pushing her limits

and comfort level.  With that said, at that point, Jane had the “itch”

to pursue music publicly, and after many performances with Pat &

Jim White as a musical guest, the trio formally announced “The

Wrest” to Richmond, Va.  From there, it’s been an enlightening

journey, discovering herself as a musician and performer. 


Says Jane, “We have a great thing going.  ‘The Wrest’ is a family in every sense of the word.  We love, laugh,

sympathize, care for, comfort, argue & make up and get on with the best show possible.  That’s how we roll.

I will be forever grateful for the personal growth being a part of this band has allowed me, and I hope that in

some way my involvement has positively affected someone in the audience.  I have an incredible passion for

music.  I hope that shows.”






















My part: Vocals, light keyboard and percussion

My Off-stage Duties: Surviving the real world.

Hobbies:  Soaking in all types of music, enjoying Bugs Island & the Rappahannock River with my family, drawing,

juggling my ridiculously busy schedule and being an active member of The Girl Allition with my buddies Melinda

Rowlett and Jenni Scarth (it’s a elite organization).


Musical influences: Fleetwood Mac, Linda Ronstandt, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Heart, Rickie Lee Jones, Trisha

Yearwood, Shania Twain, Shawn Colvin, Karen Carpenter and more and more…

Education:  VCU 1993 focus on Real Estate, Meadowbrook High School / Chesterfield Co./Richmond, VA

Employment: Underwriter/Asset Manager GMAC Model Home Finance (while it lasts).

History: Born in Winchester, VA April 11, 1969. the moved to Richmond, VA in 1977 with my family due to my

Father’s transfer. I love Richmond!

Favorite TV shows: Seinfield, Friends, Two & a Half Men, all judge shows, Ellen, Dr. Oz! 

Favorite website: Lyrics World; www.thewrest.net (I had to do it); Puppy adoption organization

Good: FAMILY! My husband David, my daughter Katherine’s face, my dog Rosie and belated dogs Chelsea and

Sergeant, my sister Suzanne Thornton, my Mom & Dad and my awesome friends. OTHER GOOD STUFF:  My life,

blue skies, fresh air, waves crashing on the beach – there’s so much good stuff!


Bad: Cigarette smoke, pressure, blank faced people, tension, smart asses, animal cruelty, snobs & high maintenance


Ugly: Sour notes, people who gossip, laryngitis, traffic jams, death

My "Special Thanks": to David for your love, encouragement, advice and understanding; to Pat and Jim for

broadening my musical horizons many years ago, to Tommy, Stu & Krista for joining the family and to Bob for your

keen sense of hearing, “suck” button pushing and making me laugh; to Mel & Jenni for your support (I miss you Mel!),

to Mom & Dad and Suzanne for your continued interest in my music... I love you all with all my heart!!  


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