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Throughout his career with Pat and the band, people

have stood behind Bob looking at the array of buttons,

knobs, and sliders he has in front of him. Many have

complimented, a few have criticized, but most just stare

and wonder what in the world he’s doing and how he’s

doing it. 

Sometime in the early ‘90’s, Bob was out having a drink at

a restaurant where many performers played.  Pat O’Brien

became a regular performer at the establishment and got

to know many of the patrons.  Bob was no exception, and

on one occasion, Pat asked if Bob would help him with a

song. He explained to Bob that when Pat got to a specific

part of ‘Girl’ by The Beatles, Bob was to turn one knob on

Pat’s soundboard to enhance the sound.  That one knob

was the start of what you see (and hear) today.  Months

later, Pat and Bob agreed that Pat would teach him sound

engineering if Bob agreed to be at performances.


It wasn’t easy learning how to run sound.  With no formal training, Bob turned to reading, researching,

listening, and talking to other sound engineers.  He combined that with his music knowledge, a little trial

and error, and hard work to develop all of his skills. 

So, after singing in the restaurant with Jim, who ultimately got the stage job while Bob got the off-stage job,

and Jane, who later sang ‘Southern Cross’ with Pat (eventually adding Jim as a third voice), Bob began

working as a soundman with what would eventually become The Wrest.

Today, in addition to running sound you may even catch Bob whistling or even singing a song with the band.






















Birth Date: August 18

Stage Duties: Sound Engineer

Status: Happily married

Real Job: Looking for work!

History: Born and bred up north. Grew up in upstate New York in view of the Catskills. Moved to Richmond on

08/08/88. I’ve played various instruments throughout my life, including piano, trumpet, guitar, bass guitar, and



Hobbies: Music, golf once in a while, watching sports (too old for much participation anymore!), historical places, sitting

on the beach somewhere at night, and music.


Musical Influences: Since I don't write, they don't influence me! I tend to lean toward country music, but I listen to

most all genre's, from classical to rock to R&B. Favorites would be the Moody Blues, Beatles, ELP, Clapton, Simon n

Garfunkel, Elton John, The Who

Favorite Author(s): it’s been so long since I’ve read a book; I don’t know many (current) authors anymore

Favorite Movie(s): Hard to nail down particular movies, but my favorite genres are comedies, historical and musicals.

(Yes, I said musicals!)

Favorite Magazine(s): those with a lot of pictures

Favorite TV show(s): NCIS, Hell's Kitchen, and those that my wife wants to watch (with a limit on The Food Network,

and HGTV.)

The Good: Bacardi and diet, clear nites, good friends and family, and working with The Wrest.

The Bad: liars, impatience, stupidity, Richmond heat and humidity

The Ugly: mornings w/o coffee; Hangovers.

Special Thanks: in no particular order… to Pat and Tommy, for teaching me what I know (about sound mixing), and

putting up with a lot of BS while I did/do. Pat, Jim, Tommy, Jane, Stu and Krista for all the friendship a guy could ask

for, and allowing me to be a part of what they all do so well.  All y’all are truly family to me. My wife Mel, for all the fun,

love and support you give- I love you babe. And not at all last- Friends, fans of the band, known and unknown who

come up and speak to me during gigs. I truly enjoy my role with the band but you're what make the work all



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